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We at Whiteriver Technical College ensure that innovation, creativity and responsiveness remain our driving force. We promote a culture of integrity, loyalty and mutual trust. We aim to be accountable, transparent and promote equality. We are dedicated to quality and client satisfaction. We entrench teamwork and a culture of life-long learning. We are committed to affordability and accessibility for all learners.

Established</br> 2000

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White river Technical  college has a rich heritage of quality education spanning over 24 years.We have focused on courses that are accredited with reputable bodies and give you high employability globally. From engineering to business management whatever your background you will find your fit that aligns with your career goals.

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As on of the leaders in higher education & Training,Our college consist of nothing but the best highly qualified lectures.

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Under the auspices of the National Department of Higher Education (DHET). The DHET was created in 2009, in order to advance the national vision of a coherent, comprehensive and differentiated post-school system.

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Our courses are designed to equip students with relevant practical skills to enable them to attain their dreams and aspirations. Our faculty comprises of qualified subject matter experts and associated registered assessors and moderators who are passionate about providing quality education and training development based on the needs identified by the local communities and organizations we get involved with.

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